Chat History with hi Giancarlo - are you around? :) (#basekamp/$casa_gialla;f22ce86c1e2fdced)

Created on 2008-06-17 20:24:26.


BASEKAMP team: 18:11:49
hi Giancarlo - are you around? :)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:06
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:15
in my car...
BASEKAMP team: 18:12:39
ah - you get skype on your mobile? if so, I wont talk while you're driving ;)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:40
no wifi at home
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:54
i'm not driving...
BASEKAMP team: 18:13:06
oh! oh your laptop? good idea!
BASEKAMP team: 18:13:19
hey, do you want to join a virtual potluck going on right now on skype?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:13:33
what is about?
BASEKAMP team: 18:14:08
well, let me add you to the chat (only two people so far) and I can tell you along with anyone else who may be interested?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:14:22
BASEKAMP team: 18:14:27


BASEKAMP team: 18:28:46
Hi giancarlo – did you think about when you'd like to give a skype presentation (if possible, one of these upcoming Tuesday nights)? May be cool as a first presentation to discuss a False Luke? We could borrow a projector and show images, audio, video, etc. What do you think?
BASEKAMP team: 18:29:14
I'm about to go out for a walk with our baby... but will be check in later ...
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:38
uhm... is your tuesday tomorrow?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:47
I'll be traveling
BASEKAMP team: 18:30:53
yes.. but someone is presenting tomorrow already
BASEKAMP team: 18:32:39
also June 24th is scheduled... (I mean, please join us if you can!). But for presenting this month there's only next Tuesday (late night for you – officially weds)... then into July
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:07
next tuesday June 17th is free I meant
Giancarlo Norese: 18:33:24
maybe it's ok the 17th
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:28
it's a strange time - after midnight
Giancarlo Norese: 18:33:35
it's ok
Giancarlo Norese: 18:33:43
if i'm not traveling
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:44
:) it was fun last time
Giancarlo Norese: 18:33:48
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:55
cool – should I check back in with you next week?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:02
BASEKAMP team: 18:34:04
or later this week I mean
BASEKAMP team: 18:34:06
ok cool
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:16
i write a note somewhere
BASEKAMP team: 18:34:28
you want me to remind you in an email?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:35
yes please
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:57
but can I present just via chat?
BASEKAMP team: 18:35:05
ok - maybe you can get some of your collaborators to chat as well... if not this time then another time would be great
BASEKAMP team: 18:35:10
oh, yeah, definitely
BASEKAMP team: 18:36:07
this is what we're after with this series – very low new effort... only present the creative & intellectual work you've already done ... unless of course new things come out of the conversation you don't plan :)
BASEKAMP team: 18:36:35
if you suggest any visuals (if you want them) we can project them in the space ona screen
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:35
we are arranging a new trailer
BASEKAMP team: 18:36:42
oh right
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:51
about lu cafausu false luke
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:58
with a celloplayer
BASEKAMP team: 18:37:12
i used ot play cello in middle school (not for a long time!)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:37:48
felix fan is the player
Giancarlo Norese: 18:38:52
there are some musicians here in lecce
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:00
for our rsidency program
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:01
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:06
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:08
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:13
I'll check that out...
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:16
you know Cesare is planning to be in New york sometime between July 29 – Aug 25, and would liek to stop into Basekamp then
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:33
i was told about a chat with you...
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:39
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:56
so hey - I've got a baby telling me to takea walk ;)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:02
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:07
BASEKAMP team: 18:40:08
I'll send you an email
BASEKAMP team: 18:40:12
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:21
Giancarlo Norese: 18:45:12
ha trasferito il file Immagine 2.png ai membri di questa chat<files alt=""><file size="544313" index="0">Immagine 2.png</file></files>


BASEKAMP team: 17:56:55
hi giancarlo
Giancarlo Norese: 17:57:09
BASEKAMP team: 17:57:14
hey there :)
Giancarlo Norese: 17:57:40
vvery tired...
BASEKAMP team: 17:58:15
you up for looking at some videos and chatting for a bit?
BASEKAMP team: 17:58:33
I can add people to this chat if that's ok
Giancarlo Norese: 17:58:47
ok, few minutes...
BASEKAMP team: 17:58:54
by the way, did you ever get taht smaller video online? I can upload it if not
Giancarlo Norese: 17:59:22
but the new trailer isnot ready
BASEKAMP team: 17:59:27
that's ok
Giancarlo Norese: 17:59:36
wait, i add luigi
BASEKAMP team: 17:59:50
ok.. give me one min... and then will be right back to add others too
Giancarlo Norese: 17:59:55
Lu: 18:00:11
hi ...
BASEKAMP team: 18:01:17
hey guys - I'll be right back... give me 5 mins (have to take a large chair outside!) (o)
dermot o'brien: 18:01:36
Joseph del Pesco: 18:01:39
Aharon: 18:01:41
oh! hello evryone :)
dermot o'brien: 18:01:48
Hi Aharon
Giancarlo Norese: 18:01:57
hi joseph
Joseph del Pesco: 18:01:58
dermot o'brien: 18:02:05
Hi joseph
Joseph del Pesco: 18:02:06
Ciao Giancarlo!
Lu: 18:02:10
Joseph del Pesco: 18:02:15
come stai?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:02:21
dermot o'brien: 18:02:27
Hi Giancarol...Lu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:02:33
Joseph del Pesco: 18:02:57
where is everyone?
Lu: 18:03:02
Aharon: 18:03:04
just came back from watchin this mad film called "paris is for us" or something like that.. 50's stuff.. pretty intense and full of things.. if u get the chance, check it out..
Joseph del Pesco: 18:03:12
(I'm in Oakland, California)
BASEKAMP team: 18:03:17
hi – back now
Giancarlo Norese: 18:03:20
in my car
Giancarlo Norese: 18:03:30
no connection at home
Aharon: 18:03:31
its long as well..
Joseph del Pesco: 18:03:41
hi Scott
BASEKAMP team: 18:03:47
BASEKAMP team: 18:03:54
I'm actually not in philly at the mo
Joseph del Pesco: 18:04:01
where are you?
BASEKAMP team: 18:04:37
beleive it or not, our car got needed to get inspected today (we forgot till the last day!) and I'm stuck in pennsylvania an hour or so away
BASEKAMP team: 18:04:51
still, have www – so all's well
Lu: 18:05:02
i'm in Lecce
Lu: 18:05:11
in south of Italy
BASEKAMP team: 18:05:28
how far away is that from Lu Cafausu?
Lu: 18:05:32
the talon
Joseph del Pesco: 18:05:41
must be late in Italy no?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:05:54
Lu: 18:06:02
Giancarlo Norese: 18:06:04
luigi is not so far from lu cafausu
Lu: 18:06:16
BASEKAMP team: 18:06:19
so it's a funny inviation, to present your work at midnight, to a random group of people
Joseph del Pesco: 18:06:20
Giancarlo - I like your icon : )
Giancarlo Norese: 18:06:35
Joseph del Pesco: 18:06:59
yea - so who's presenting?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:07:17
luigi will talk
Lu: 18:07:20
hmmm ..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:07:21
about that
Lu: 18:07:58
parlare dell immaginario che esiste per davvero /traduci giancarlo/
BASEKAMP team: 18:08:05
so – this may be a question for everyone – do you want to try a conference call between all of us? or should we try to type-talk?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:08:16
dermot o'brien: 18:08:17
Im up for that
BASEKAMP team: 18:08:28
Joseph del Pesco: 18:08:31
whatever you prefer
BASEKAMP team: 18:08:44
your call Giancarlo  (y)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:08:56
did you see that first trailer?
Aharon: 18:09:12
Joseph del Pesco: 18:09:13
no - not yet
Giancarlo Norese: 18:09:14
about the search of Lu Cafausu
Lu: 18:09:21
(in italian)
BASEKAMP team: 18:09:21
I did, but I think we should post the link here for everyone – and each can watch, then chat – sound good?
Aharon: 18:09:28
isnt lu here?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:09:31
are you translating for Lu  Giancarlo?
Lu: 18:09:41
Giancarlo Norese: 18:10:05
Giancarlo Norese: 18:10:08
episode 1
BASEKAMP team: 18:10:10
you could type out running commentary, like the directors commentary runing behind a DVD
Giancarlo Norese: 18:10:17
Joseph del Pesco: 18:10:19
good idea
Giancarlo Norese: 18:10:24
dermot o'brien: 18:10:25
Aharon: 18:10:33
we need a director 1st.. ;)
BASEKAMP team: 18:10:40
ok... ready... set...  (~)
Joseph del Pesco: 18:10:47
BASEKAMP team: 18:10:55
me 2
Giancarlo Norese: 18:10:59
for those who do not know anything about that
Giancarlo Norese: 18:11:07
this is episode 1
Giancarlo Norese: 18:11:17
about the birth of lu cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:11:32
the so called "False Luke"
Lu: 18:11:41
about the birth of idea of Lu Cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:11:50
the voice is steve piccolo
Joseph del Pesco: 18:11:55
I've seen this : )
Giancarlo Norese: 18:11:59
dermot o'brien: 18:12:05
So have I
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:15
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:32
the second
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:40
is a sort of trailer
Giancarlo Norese: 18:12:58
with no related movie
Giancarlo Norese: 18:13:08
in italian
Joseph del Pesco: 18:13:16
Giancarlo Norese: 18:13:16
Giancarlo Norese: 18:13:47
the search of the cafausu
Lu: 18:13:51
but giancarlo can to translate
Giancarlo Norese: 18:14:05
yes i can to
Lu: 18:14:25
come si fa ad andare allu cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:14:34
how to go to lu cafausu
Lu: 18:14:36
lu cafausu dov'è
Giancarlo Norese: 18:14:50
we asked people where the cafausu is
Lu: 18:14:51
.. andate dritto... no, andate..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:15:08
there are many different versions
Giancarlo Norese: 18:15:12
and opinions
Joseph del Pesco: 18:15:21
si : ) capito
Giancarlo Norese: 18:15:27
even if the cafausu is very popular there
Lu: 18:15:50
la gente non sa mai bene dovè precisamente Lu Cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:16:00
they are not sure which one is the real cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:16:30
so we decided to look for other cafaususu
Lu: 18:17:03
è un posto così privo di senso da diventare simbolico
Lu: 18:17:23
un opera vivente
Giancarlo Norese: 18:17:56
a fully non sense place that becomes a symbol
Giancarlo Norese: 18:18:38
I arranged today a very poor website
Giancarlo Norese: 18:18:45
Joseph del Pesco: 18:18:46
.. and a living artwork
BASEKAMP team: 18:18:47
what were the performances like?
Lu: 18:18:52
Lu: 18:19:03
si joseph know italian!
Joseph del Pesco: 18:19:11
un po
Joseph del Pesco: 18:19:12
: )
Giancarlo Norese: 18:19:16
it was not a "performance"
Giancarlo Norese: 18:19:20
no luigi?
Lu: 18:19:31
Lu: 18:19:32
Joseph del Pesco: 18:19:34
more like an investigation of the myth of this place no?
Lu: 18:19:39
it is life
BASEKAMP team: 18:19:40
the video says so, no?
Lu: 18:19:41
Giancarlo Norese: 18:19:52
Giancarlo Norese: 18:20:00
Lu: 18:20:03
Giancarlo Norese: 18:20:09
Giancarlo Norese: 18:20:13
Giancarlo Norese: 18:20:25
as the people from lecce are
Lu: 18:20:26
accumulo di senso e non senso
Aharon: 18:20:45
failure and chaos r 2 different elents - cencepts even..
Joseph del Pesco: 18:20:56
Lu accumulates sense and non sense
BASEKAMP team: 18:21:11
depends what was attempted but failed
Joseph del Pesco: 18:21:24
or the correct and incorrect...
Joseph del Pesco: 18:21:45
so are the more than one Cafausu?
Aharon: 18:22:01
is it not dependent on intention in this context?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:22:08
- rephrase - is there more than one Cafausu?
Aharon: 18:22:15
Giancarlo Norese: 18:22:20
people  living there
Lu: 18:22:23
Giancarlo Norese: 18:22:27
are fighting
Giancarlo Norese: 18:22:32
for the real cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:22:45
they ahave different opinions
Joseph del Pesco: 18:22:56
i see
BASEKAMP team: 18:22:58
by real they mean the first?
Lu: 18:23:08

"Lu Cafausu e' territorio d'accumulazione di senso, di svolgimento di senso. Di mancanza di senso. E' quello che siamo e non siamo, simultaneamente (scandalosamente), senza scandalo. E' cio' che stiamo diventando e quello che siamo NON stati. Al centro esatto di un lungo corridoio d'insalienze e fallimenti (una volta erano cipressi) è il passaggio per il limbo. E' il nulla, segno oscuro, campo della disfatta. E' presagio inaccessibile, luogo alieno. E' varco per l'ade e rotatoria incompiuta".
Giancarlo Norese: 18:23:21
the one with greater stories
Lu: 18:23:21
ooops . too much..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:23:42
luigi used to live around the cafausu
BASEKAMP team: 18:23:48
which one?
Aharon: 18:23:51
longer stories, or more stories?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:24:03
quale luigi?
Lu: 18:24:07
Giancarlo Norese: 18:24:23
lluigi, which one is the real
Joseph del Pesco: 18:24:48
so the idea of this space, or the space as a symbol is also an idea of indeterminacy, of knowing and not know...
Giancarlo Norese: 18:24:56
BASEKAMP team: 18:25:34
so if not performances, what were your investigations like there? did you involve yourself with the stories?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:25:35
luigi is sleeping
Lu: 18:25:54
Lu: 18:26:38
c'è una partecipazione diretta a molte delle storie che raccontiamo (come quella delle NANOSCULTURE"...
Lu: 18:26:48
siamo coinvolti... (help giancarlo)
Lu: 18:27:05
le storie sono solo dei sommari
Joseph del Pesco: 18:28:34
the story is only the summary...
Joseph del Pesco: 18:28:41
is what Lu said last...
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:03
now im reconnected
BASEKAMP team: 18:29:06
in teh first video part 1, there are photos of people drinking coffee, ironing, etc
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:18
I know them
Joseph del Pesco: 18:29:31
you are there... and Cesare right?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:36
cesare, emilio, ...
Giancarlo Norese: 18:29:49
luigi was outside
Lu: 18:30:05
io ero cieco
BASEKAMP team: 18:30:15
wre these part of yoru investigations?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:30:16
he was blind
Giancarlo Norese: 18:31:04
we used that place as a public space
Giancarlo Norese: 18:31:23
an act of "loving" the place
Lu: 18:31:35
Giancarlo Norese: 18:31:54
as the people living there use to do
Giancarlo Norese: 18:32:09
a "festa"
Giancarlo Norese: 18:32:31
that was the first time we made actions there
Giancarlo Norese: 18:32:52
luigi and mattia filmed something else yesterday
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:04
did the people beleive the actions?
Lu: 18:33:18
Lu: 18:33:20
Lu: 18:33:28
Lu: 18:33:39
sono stato 5 ore con Lu Cafausu..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:33:55
luigi had sex with lu cafausu
Lu: 18:33:59
Aharon: 18:34:01
if they did - does it not turn it into a spectacle?
Lu: 18:34:08
Lu cafausu ha molte ferite
Lu: 18:34:10
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:19
luigi aspetta
Lu: 18:34:22
Joseph del Pesco: 18:34:37
i think Lu said, I stayed 5 hours with La Cafausu
Giancarlo Norese: 18:34:42
la gente ha inteso le nostre azioni come spettacolo?
Lu: 18:34:47
Joseph del Pesco: 18:34:58
you had sex for 5 hours?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:35:02
: )
Lu: 18:35:04
la gente pensa che sia un po pazzarello, ma a san cesario c'e' molta gente strana
Giancarlo Norese: 18:35:20
strange people living in san cesario
Giancarlo Norese: 18:35:29
(yhe village)
Lu: 18:35:30
è la citta di un paio di artisti strani (compreso Ezechiele Leandro un contadino scultore di cemento)
Joseph del Pesco: 18:35:44
he said - people understood their action to be a show...
Aharon: 18:35:52
hi faust
Joseph del Pesco: 18:35:57
(i think)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:01
not exactly
Lu: 18:36:07
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:08
srfaust: 18:36:08
Hello - oh yes, Glenn
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:14
Lu: 18:36:18
la gente non credo proprio che sia uno show
srfaust: 18:36:18
hello all
Joseph del Pesco: 18:36:19
ok - I'll let you translate Giancarlo...
Aharon: 18:36:20
hi glenn
dermot o'brien: 18:36:27
Giancarlo Norese: 18:36:34
people dont think that is a show
Lu: 18:36:43
crede che io voglia salvare Lu Cafausu
Lu: 18:36:49
dalla disintegrazione
Lu: 18:36:54
e che i miei amici
Joseph del Pesco: 18:37:04
the event with you four is not understood as a show?
Lu: 18:37:08
vengono da fuori ad aiutarmi
Joseph del Pesco: 18:37:09
or spectacle?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:37:11
they believe we wanted to save the cafausu
Joseph del Pesco: 18:37:16
BASEKAMP team: 18:37:19
i see
Giancarlo Norese: 18:37:21
from disintegration
Lu: 18:37:23
no.. no spectacle  no show.. only life
Joseph del Pesco: 18:37:23
so as a kind of protest
BASEKAMP team: 18:37:30
there are more than one though, right?
Aharon: 18:37:45
if they beleive - it makes your activity a show/spectacle
Giancarlo Norese: 18:38:26
Lu: 18:38:44
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:09
come facciamo a spiegare
Lu: 18:39:16
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:18
come è la gente del sud
Lu: 18:39:21
Lu: 18:39:23
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:36
people from the south
Lu: 18:39:41
ha un pò di follia così diffusa che nulla è strano ..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:39:48
think in a different way
Lu: 18:39:50
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:04
it's not a show
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:10
nor a protest
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:23
they cant conceiv ethe idea
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:28
of protestinbg
Lu: 18:40:39
io ho abitato per settimane nelle case intorno al cafausu
Lu: 18:40:46
ricevendo regali, fotografie e storie
Giancarlo Norese: 18:40:47
l'ho detto
BASEKAMP team: 18:40:54
but they can disagree...
Giancarlo Norese: 18:41:01
luigi used to live around there
Giancarlo Norese: 18:41:08
for some week
Giancarlo Norese: 18:41:25
getting presents, pictures amnd stories
Lu: 18:41:38
e ho seguito le storie fin dove mi portavano (spesso a nulla)
Giancarlo Norese: 18:41:49
follwing that stories
Giancarlo Norese: 18:42:02
to the nothingness...
Lu: 18:42:29
ho provato a essere uno degli abitanti del cafausu.. semplicemente..
Lu: 18:42:38
e Giancarlo, Emilio e Cesare
Giancarlo Norese: 18:42:49
he tried to be an inhabitant of lyu cafausu
Lu: 18:42:49
lo sono diventati..
Giancarlo Norese: 18:43:10
and we other did the same
Giancarlo Norese: 18:43:20
BASEKAMP team: 18:43:28
from what you said earlier, I imagine different neighborhooods in that area – each with their own Cafausu – each thinking theirs is the real one, the one with the best stories
Lu: 18:43:57
si.. il limite fra il falso, il vero..
Lu: 18:44:09
è una cosa davvero affascinante
Lu: 18:44:30
spessissimo una storia inventata, una leggenda sentita e raccontata sempre in modo diverso
Lu: 18:44:41
contiene di più una verita
Giancarlo Norese: 18:44:55
the boundaries between the real and fake
Aharon: 18:44:56
look.. i don't kinow if u r from whichever place on the planet.. If i tell u now that i am a guy, and you take me as a guy, speak to me as a guy - but infact i am a woman. My activity with you was/is a show/performance/spectacle.. you may have a different concept of that, true. however, if i talked about it with friends, here, in this culture, etc.  and told me I was performing for you - they'd have a good idea of what i did
Lu: 18:44:56
di una storia obiettiva.. di una Storia
Giancarlo Norese: 18:45:54
you lucky...
Joseph del Pesco: 18:46:31
he's saying it's one legend told in different ways no?
Lu: 18:46:47
Giancarlo Norese: 18:47:01
he s saying is NOT important yje truth in that case
Aharon: 18:47:21
sure. the truth is the legend
Giancarlo Norese: 18:47:25
we have a great tradition in our politics
Joseph del Pesco: 18:47:31
right, that's it's more about the boundry between the actual expreience of a place and the stories around it...
BASEKAMP team: 18:47:35
I see – different stories, one Lu Cafausu
Joseph del Pesco: 18:47:44
i think so Scott...
Aharon: 18:47:55
.. but is it known that that which it is - is infact a legend?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:48:15
a legend connected with
Giancarlo Norese: 18:48:20
everyday life
BASEKAMP team: 18:48:22
or maybe my interpretation of many Cafusus was just as good  8-|
Aharon: 18:48:38
BASEKAMP team: 18:48:39
maybe there are more than one?
BASEKAMP team: 18:48:48
i think we have one around here...
Aharon: 18:48:55
this is like speaking oracolic
Giancarlo Norese: 18:49:01
take a picture of it
BASEKAMP team: 18:49:14
my cameras broke
Giancarlo Norese: 18:49:28
it is the cafausu spirit
Lu: 18:49:39
o etica
BASEKAMP team: 18:49:44
Joseph del Pesco: 18:49:45
if you have a street address I'll ask my brother in Philly to take a picture of it...
BASEKAMP team: 18:50:10
it's in a park, 50 mins north of philly
Lu: 18:50:20
Lu: 18:50:23
molto interessante
Aharon: 18:50:33
is it not a band-stand?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:50:40
if you can get more specific... : )
BASEKAMP team: 18:50:45
it's an old building that was grown over with trees, off the path
Giancarlo Norese: 18:50:56
aharon, you dont believe to the UFO...
dermot o'brien: 18:51:09
Is it like a Pavillion?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:51:13
can you get into it?
BASEKAMP team: 18:51:25
the one in PA?
dermot o'brien: 18:51:26
a small pavillion
Joseph del Pesco: 18:51:43
BASEKAMP team: 18:51:45
or the one in Lecce?
BASEKAMP team: 18:51:47
BASEKAMP team: 18:51:49
yes, you can
Aharon: 18:51:55
from the pic, dermot, thats what it looks like
BASEKAMP team: 18:52:01
its off a path in lake lenape park
dermot o'brien: 18:52:10
dermot o'brien: 18:52:33
can you draw it?
BASEKAMP team: 18:52:38
sure :)
Lu: 18:52:42
Lu: 18:52:48
Aharon: 18:52:50
in that sense, there is a mother efin huge one here in brighton
Joseph del Pesco: 18:52:50
giancarlo - how did you promote/frame/contextualize the event with the 4 of you?
BASEKAMP team: 18:52:51
but it's not as interesting as the one in Lecce
Giancarlo Norese: 18:53:07
Giancarlo Norese: 18:53:26
it was like a birthday
Giancarlo Norese: 18:53:39
Joseph del Pesco: 18:53:46
this one?,+PA&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=72.481569,105.644531&ie=UTF8&ll=40.363991,-75.305464&spn=0.008763,0.012896&z=16&iwloc=A
Giancarlo Norese: 18:54:09
prendi not aluigi
Joseph del Pesco: 18:54:29
think we could see it in satellite view?
dermot o'brien: 18:54:34
what was it's original purpose scott
BASEKAMP team: 18:54:41
joseph - yep, that;s the one
Giancarlo Norese: 18:54:51
luig guarda
Joseph del Pesco: 18:54:58
awesome - where in the park....
BASEKAMP team: 18:55:01
I have no idea - that's why I mentioned it. If it was a house, I wouldn't have thought to compare
Joseph del Pesco: 18:55:01
Giancarlo Norese: 18:55:05
il lago lenape
BASEKAMP team: 18:55:15
now it looks like a place where teenagers make out
dermot o'brien: 18:55:39
is there graffiti?
Joseph del Pesco: 18:56:43
too much tree cover - can't see it from the satellite...
Joseph del Pesco: 18:57:06
Lu: 18:57:24
BASEKAMP team: 18:57:31
what are you email addressses? I'll send you a drawing
Joseph del Pesco: 18:57:46
posted file Picture 1.png to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="632669" index="0">Picture 1.png</file></files>
Joseph del Pesco: 18:57:50
is this it?
dermot o'brien: 18:57:56
BASEKAMP team: 18:58:07
no spam, i promise ;)
BASEKAMP team: 18:58:41
no - this one is tucked away in the woods
Giancarlo Norese: 18:58:50
my connection doesnt work
Lu: 18:59:08
giancarlo is not here :(
Joseph del Pesco: 18:59:10
Giancarlo - so you didn't invite anyone, people just stumbled across it? or was it a privite attendence to the party?
Giancarlo Norese: 18:59:31
Joseph del Pesco: 18:59:55
Giancarlo Norese: 18:59:55
luigi invited some friend
Giancarlo Norese: 19:00:34
this connection is not working
BASEKAMP team: 19:00:49
ugh, never mind the link. It didn't work.
BASEKAMP team: 19:00:58
my sketch pad is broken apparently
Lu: 19:01:13
40.299768, 18.161642
+40° 17' 59.16", +18° 9' 41.91"
Joseph del Pesco: 19:01:13
ho bisogno andare...
Lu: 19:01:16
Joseph del Pesco: 19:01:34
a presto Giancarlo, ciao Lu
Giancarlo Norese: 19:01:37
a very cafausic discussion
Giancarlo Norese: 19:01:40
Lu: 19:01:44
:) ciao
Joseph del Pesco: 19:01:48
: )
Aharon: 19:01:49
ciao lu
Joseph del Pesco: 19:01:49
talk later Scott...
dermot o'brien: 19:01:58
Lu: 19:01:59
ciao Aharon
Joseph del Pesco: 19:02:02
bye everyone...
Lu: 19:02:06
ciao joseph
BASEKAMP team: 19:02:09
ok – ciao 4 now
BASEKAMP team: 19:02:13
bye bye
Aharon: 19:02:15
nity nite ya'all
Lu: 19:02:18
Giancarlo Norese: 19:02:22
Glenn Rigby: 19:16:50
oops - I missed it
dermot o'brien: 19:17:06
Giancarlo Norese: 19:17:19
Glenn Rigby: 19:17:25